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About Novus

Novus aims to solve transportation challenges by thinking outside the box, designing solutions that adapt to the environment, and implementation that is sustainable and equitable.  The firm's core values are aligned to being the best in the industry for it's clients, team members, partners and the community.


Nishant N. Kukadia, AICP, PMP

Principal Planner and Senior Project Manager

Nishant has two decades of experience in project development ranging from advanced planning to implementation of projects.  He has worked on large infrastructure program contracts and managed multiple indefinite deliverable contracts ranging from $10M to $25M, with multiple task orders.   His diverse professional background includes corridor planning, feasibility studies, procurement engineering, public private partnerships, ridership estimation, traffic and revenue (T&R) analysis, benefit cost analysis, economic impact analysis, risk analysis, big data analysis, safety studies and alternative financing (TIF, TRZ). Nishant has conducted activities such as legislative reviews, policy recommendations, funding analysis, as well as facilitation and coordination with external organizations and stakeholder groups.

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Srinivasa Manduva

Senior Transportation Planner

Srinivasa has 15 years of experience in transportation planning working across diverse geographics including the USA, India, Ethiopia, and Rwanda. His experience includes project management and technical analysis for projects funded by multi-lateral agencies like World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB), and African Development Bank (AFDB).

Srinivasa is adept at successfully handling projects involving international clients and state governments. He has collaborated with stakeholders including government agencies, and transportation officials to build consensus and successfully implement complex projects.

He was recently part of the team that successfully completed a challenging project for the Network Master Plan of Rwanda.

TxDOT Precertification Work Categories

01. Transportation Systems Planning

01.01.01 - Policy Planning
01.02.01 - Systems Planning
01.03.01 - Subarea/Corridor Planning
01.04.01 - Land Planning/Engineering
01.07.01 - Traffic Demand Modeling
01.08.01 - Public Involvement
01.09.01 - Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Data Analysis

02. Environmental Studies

02.12.01 - Socio-Economic and Environmental Justice Analyses
02.14.01 - Environmental Document Preparation

23. Engineering Management Services

23.04.02 - Debt & Equity Based Traffic & Revenue Studies (Planning)
23.04.03 - Debt and Equity-Based T&R Studies (Modeling and Forecasting)
23.10.01 - Public Involvement for Alternative Delivery Projects

Other Certifications

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

Texas Historically Underutilized Business (HUB)

Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) - City of Austin

MBE and Small Business Enterprise (SBE) - South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency

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